Our Forward-Looking Commitment

University Statement: Responding to Yale’s History of Slavery

Today, on behalf of Yale University, we recognize our university’s historical role in and associations with slavery, as well as the labor, the experiences, and the contributions of enslaved people to our university’s history, and we apologize for the ways that Yale’s leaders, over the course of our history, participated in slavery. Acknowledging and apologizing for this history are only part of the path forward. These findings have propelled us toward meaningful action to address the continued effects of slavery in society today.

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Our Forward-Looking Commitment

Yale’s forward-looking commitment responds to the historical findings and builds on its partnership with New Haven and ongoing work through Belonging at Yale.

University Actions and Commitments

Increasing Educational Access and Excellence

Inclusive Economic Growth with New Haven

Acknowledging Our Past

Sharing Historical Findings Widely

Welcoming Community Input

Actions by Individual Schools and Units

Special Topic Tour: History of Slavery

One action the university took in response to the findings of the Yale and Slavery Research Project was to create a special-topic walking tour highlighting people, places, and moments in Yale’s history tied to slavery and its aftermath.

Read the Book, Provide Your Input

Yale and Slavery: A History, by David W. Blight with the Yale and Slavery Research Project, is available as a free digital download. Those who have read the book—whether you are a member of the Yale community or not—are encouraged to take a survey that will provide useful feedback to the university and help future generations of researchers.

  • How to Get the Book

    Members of the Yale community and public can acquire the digital book for free. It is also available wherever books are sold.

  • How to Provide Feedback

    Anyone who has read the book is encouraged to take the survey.