Working Group

The charge of the Yale and Slavery Working Group (YSWG) is as follows:

to investigate Yale’s historic entanglements and associations with slavery, the slave trade, and abolition.

Guided by this scholarly objective, the group will conduct research at Yale and beyond in order to shed light on the university’s history. The findings will help us come to a better understanding of Yale and will contribute to the scholarship on slavery and abolition more broadly.

Members of the YSWG include leading Yale scholars, current Yale students, and community members with a deep interest in and knowledge of relevant histories.

As the project draws to a close, the YSWG will share its findings widely for discussion, remembrance, and learning. Public engagements include panel discussions, community outreach sessions, and the GLC conference, October 28-30, 2021.

The project aims to conclude, with recommendations and a report, by the midyear 2022.